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Nursing Specific resources

The following resources are helpful for nurses working in diabetes

Check out ACDN recommended education here


Graduate and Post-graduate nursing education

Ara Institute Diabetes Management Level 7 Course

Diabetes Management Level 7, 10 credit graduate paper

To find out more see the Ara Diabetes Management course here

University of Auckland - Diabetes Specialty Nursing Level 8 paper

Nurseprac 712 Diabetes Specialty Nursing - Level 8, 30 point post graduate paper

To find out more see the University of Auckland Diabetes L8 paper here

Wintec L700 Diabetes Care and Management

Diabetes Care and Management - Level 7,  15 point graduate paper delivered over 12 weeks

To find out more see the Wintec L700 course here

Wintec Advanced Diabetes Nursing Practice Level 8

Advanced Diabetes Nursing Practice Nurs807/1902  - Level 8,  30 point post-graduate paper

To find out more see the Wintec Level 8 Diabetes paper here

The information on this ACDN site is aimed at Registered Nurses working in the field of diabetes in New Zealand and members of NZNO. As such, members of the public accessing this website who are not qualified health professionals, should be aware that any information contained here is not meant to replace your relationship with your healthcare provider(s) – please seek assistance from an appropriately qualified medical professional should you have any concerns regarding diabetes or any other health issue.